2016 Winners

Overall Winning Entry

$50,000 AWARD

Mental Health Counseling

Give an Hour, Bethesda, MD

Give an Hour was founded in September 2005 by Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, a psychologist in the Washington, D.C., area, and has been instrumental in the development of the community-based approach to addressing the challenges that face our nation's military community, having created a successful model for harnessing skill-based volunteers eager to offer their services. Thus far, the network of nearly 7,000 licensed mental health professionals has provided more than 200,000 hours of care and support to those in need.

For more information, contact David Sklar (dsklar@giveanhour.org) or visit www.giveanhour.org.

$37,500 AWARD

Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy

FITSI Foundation, Alexandria, VA

The mission of the Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy (W2CCA) is to "To Build the Next Generation of Cyber Defenders by Cross-Training the League of Wounded Warriors to help Protect and Defend the Nation’s Information Systems. The FITSI Foundation oversees the W2CCA to arm our wounded warriors with technical skills that supplement their existing dedication, patience, and devotion to duty, thereby strengthening national cyber defenses. For more information, contact Jim Wiggins (jim.wiggins@fitsi.org) or visit www.w2cca.org.

Dryhootch Peer Support Program

Dryhootch of America, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

Dryhootch is a non- profit organization, founded in 2008 by a Vietnam veteran who envisioned becoming a home-front battle buddy to the new generation of veterans, which materialized into a successful Peer Support Program, and is the cornerstone of Dryhootch. The Dryhootch Peer Support Program provides veterans and their families with opportunities to build camaraderie through individual and group peer support activities. Veterans and their families participate in social activities such as: outdoor and sporting events, family bonding days, holistic wellness activities, community days of service, and community reintegration events with other veterans and families who have walked in the same shoes. Through these experiences veterans are empowered as they confront common struggles related to reintegration such as: Post Traumatic Stress, Moral Injury, addiction, homelessness, unemployment, legal and financial concerns, and family relationship issues. For more information, contact Leah Lockett (leah@dryhootch.org) or visit www.dryhootch.org.

Military Spouse JD Network Foundation

Military Spouse JD Network Foundation, Alexandria, VA

The Military Spouse JD Network is an international network that supports military spouses in the legal profession by advocating for licensing accommodations; educating the public about the challenges facing career-minded military spouses and their families; encouraging the hiring of military spouses; and providing a network connecting military spouse attorneys with each other and their supporters. The charitable arm of the organization is the Military Spouse JD Network Foundation. The Foundation supports the licensing initiative that has led to accommodations for military spouse attorneys in 21 jurisdictions. The Foundation also is home to Justice for Military Families, a pro bono program providing legal assistance to Gold Star families through a partnership with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. For more information, contact Eleanor Vuono (president@msjdn.org) or visit www.msjdn.org.

Medical Equipment Reuse/AT for Veterans

Project MEND, San Antonio, TX

Project MEND is committed to improving the quality of life for individuals living with disabilities and illness through the reuse and distribution of medical equipment and other assistive technology. Texas has over 3.4 million people living with disabilities; the right equipment at the right time empowers them to be mobile, independent and experience improved quality of life. Our Veteran Program provides any person discharged from the armed forces, and their family members, with medical equipment and other assistive technologies medically necessary to enhance independence, self-sufficiency and mobility. A services connected disability is not required nor is a disability rating issued by the VA. For more information, contact Denise Bennett (denise.bennett@projectmend.org) or visit www.projectmend.org.