Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is eligible to receive hotel rooms?

A: Hotels for Heroes provides hotel rooms to the families of wounded, injured, and ill service members who are undergoing treatment at authorized medical centers when a Fisher House is not available. In general, the focus of Hotels for Heroes support is for situations involving significant medical events and emergencies. It is not intended for general visits during ongoing outpatient care.Veterans are eligible when the request originates through a Fisher House that would provide lodging for that veteran but cannot because the Fisher House is full.

“Service member” is defined as: An active duty member of the military (to include National Guard and reservists on active duty status).

Q2: Can the Hotels program be utilized in place of a Fisher House?

A: No. When the service member or veteran is receiving treatment at a hospital that has a Fisher House on site, and the house has space available, the Hotels for Heroes program is not an option. Hotels for Heroes supports the Fisher Houses by providing lodging to families when a house is full. The family is put on a waiting list by the House manager and hotel lodging is provided until a room at the House becomes available, at which time the family must move into the Fisher House. Choosing to remain at a hotel will be at the family’s expense.

Q3: Who can request assistance from Hotels for Heroes?

A: Requests for lodging come from two primary sources:

  1. Fisher House managers make Hotels for Heroes requests when the local Fisher House is full, in order to provide lodging for a family until a room at the house becomes available.
  2. Hospital case workers and other military liaisons submit requests on behalf of service members who are undergoing treatment at hospitals where there is no Fisher House. These requests are approved on a case-by-case basis only.

Veterans are only eligible when the request originates through a Fisher House that would provide lodging for that veteran but cannot because the Fisher House is full.

Q4: What expense does a Hotels for Heroes reservation cover?

A: Hotels for Heroes covers the cost of the room and tax only. Guests are responsible for incidentals and additional charges beyond the cost of the room. Hotels will require a credit card on file for the individual as standard policy upon check-in.

Q5: How do I obtain my reservation information?

A: Hotels for Heroes books the hotel reservation and sends the confirmation to the liaison that made the request on behalf of the service member or veteran. The liaison or Fisher House manager is responsible for forwarding the reservation to the family.

Q6: Are there limits on the length of stay that can be requested?

A: Yes. The Hotels for Heroes program is designed to meet short-term lodging needs of a week or less.

Lodging in excess of a week may be provided on a case-by-case basis, according to the specific circumstance and need, as validated by the requesting Fisher House manager or military liaison. Fisher Houses are the best resource for long-term needs.

Q7: Some service members will be hospitalized for extensive periods. Can I use the program more than once?

A: Yes. As long as the service member is inpatient, the family remains eligible. If the service member goes to outpatient status, requests can still be made, but eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Q8: Can we use Hotels for Heroes to attend an award ceremony for our loved one? Can the service member utilize the program for lodging as part of a ceremony in his or her honor?

A: No. Hotels for Heroes was established to bring families together in support of a service member or veteran receiving treatment for serious injury or illness. It is not a program for special events or leisure travel.

Q9: What hotels partner with Hotels for Heroes?

A: Fisher House Foundation has partnered with the following major hotel groups: Airbnb, Best Western, Choice Hotels International, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, Marriott Hotels and Resorts, and Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.

Q10: When is an Airbnb used in lieu of a hotel?

A: Airbnb homes may be used at the discretion of the Hotel for Heroes Program Administrator. There are multiple factors that go into that decision including but not limited to the length of stay, availability, and need of the family or service member.

Q11: How does the program pay for the rooms?

A: Rooms are paid for with rewards points donated by members of each hotel’s rewards program, or donated by the hotel chains. When rooms for reward points are unavailable at partner hotels, rooms are paid for with cash.

Q12: How do rewards members donate their points?

A: Each hotel chain has its own process and sets its own rules for making donations. Donations are made online at the individual hotel chain website and through Airbnb Open Homes medical program.

Q13: Can I donate my points to a specific individual or specify they only be used for lodging by service members of a specific service branch or site?

A: Unfortunately, no. The points are anonymously donated and deposited into an account set up by the hotel chain. Hotels for Heroes cannot match a specific donation to a specific individual.

Q14: Are donations of hotel rewards points deductible on my taxes?

A: Historically, the IRS has not permitted the donation of rewards points or frequent flyer miles as a charitable deduction. However, this is a question that should be asked of your tax advisor. Hotels for Heroes will not provide documentation for point donation.

Q15: How do I know that the hotel actually transferred my points to Hotels for Heroes?

A: Fisher House Foundation cannot verify individual donations. You would have to contact your hotel rewards program for verification or wait for your next rewards statement.

Q16: Who can I contact if I have a question not covered above?

A: You can call Fisher House Foundation at 1-888-294-8560.