Parents of a Fallen Marine are presented with a special gift at the Fisher House

October 3, 2017

A local fallen hero was honored, eleven years after he died in combat, at the Fisher House.

It was an emotional night for the parents of fallen Marine Corporal Matthew Dillon, when the local patriot guard escorted a special rocking horse to the Fisher House in Matthew's honor.

The white and wooden rocking horse given to the Dillons is filled with so much love.

Heros Rock Owner Scott Snyder said, "I've gotten to know quite a few over the years and they don't ask for anything for themselves, they don't ask for recognition, the only thing they ask for is to have their hero remembered and that's what we try to do."

Scott Snyder and his wife build rocking horses and deliver certain ones to Fisher Houses across the country.

This one was delivered to the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center Fisher House in honor of Matthew.

Matthew's Parents Neal and Lucy Dillon said, "We just think that by honoring him, we're honoring our country that's really what it's all about."

Dillon died in 2006 during his 37th mission.

His goal after combat was to help veterans, so instead of withdrawing after the loss of their child, his parents decided to carry on his mission.

"We chose the path of honoring him by serving our veterans," said Neal Dillon.

Honoring Matthew is not only emotional for his parents; it's also an experience for the Snyders to meet special families like the Dillons. 

"We never even try to attempt to say what it's like to be a Gold Star Family, but I can say what it's like to know one and it's amazing," said Snyder.

Each rocking horse the Snyder's make is made with a strong message in mind.

"Bring America together to show the Dillons and all the young servicemen here that there's people out there across the country that care and think about them all the time," said Snyder.

This was the 24th rocking horse the Snyder's delivered on this tour, they still have four more to deliver in other are