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A Mother's Strength

When Lance Cpl. Kyle Carpenter was injured in Afghanistan, his whole family had to rely on the strength of his mother Robin to get them through. Read her story.

Charitable Donations: Donating your money to worthy charities

by Kerri Childress
When people donate to a charity, they want to make sure their hard-earned money is making a difference.  We all do.  And we want to know that the nonprofit’s funds are going to programs that make an impact. 

Fisher House Foundation works hard to be a good steward of the funds entrusted to us. One of the best ways to know your donation, to Fisher House or to any organization, is making an impact is to review third-party endorsers (nonprofit watchdogs).  They provide transparency – so you know exactly where your donation goes. Continue Reading

Why I Run for Team Fisher House

I first learned of Fisher House Foundation and Team Fisher House in 2011 from a fellow member of Soldier’s Race Team, James Armstrong. Knowing how strong my love was for those who sacrificed for our country, James told me of all the wonderful things Fisher House does for soldiers, veterans and their families.  After reading more about the Foundation and Team Fisher House missions, I decided to join the team at the 2011 Marine Corps Marathon. 

I was amazed at the wonderful support I received from Team Fisher House before, during, and after the marathon.  I remember waking up the morning of the race and finding my hotel door decorated with streamers and a certificate thanking ME for running for THEM.  I thought it ironic they were thanking me when they were doing all the work. Continue reading.

The American Legion Has Provided Decades of Support to Fisher House

by Ken Fisher

The Fisher House program began more than 25 years ago, to support military, veterans and their families during a medical crisis. Since the beginning, the American Legion has stood steadfast in its support for Fisher House. From car washes and bluegrass music jams to yearly “Freedom Rides for Fisher House,” the Legion has raised millions of dollars for the Foundation and individual houses.

It’s not just money the Legion has given, it’s literally thousands of hours of volunteer time cooking meals for the families, planting, hosting bingo and other games to give families respite from the hospital. Continue reading.